What Is A Virtual Phone Number And Its Benefits


A virtual business number is a platform of communication that is used to handle business calls over an internet connection. This phone number is independent of the location and can be used on smartphones, laptops and desktop handsets. Previously one landline number was considered enough for a business, but soon it was realized that having a landline number only increased the complications as there were many physical restrictions.

Sooner, the concept of online numbers or now known as the virtual phone number, was developed with allowed the business to overcome these physical barriers. As a result, almost all businesses are dependent upon these virtual office phone services and have let go of the old traditional cell phones and landline numbers. Now communication for business has become the most straightforward task due to virtual phone numbers.

Working Of A Virtual Phone Number

 The virtual phone number does not rely on any cell towers or company, and it solely depends upon the internet for coverage. Therefore, one does not need to stick to a single device to call the other person with virtual phone numbers. This is why many businesses have shifted to using a VoIP office phone or better known as Voice Over Internet Protocol services.  There are some VoIP service providers which helps you to run and have a virtual number to use.

Benefits Of Having Virtual Phone Numbers In Offices

There are numerous benefits of using VoIP office services in business, from having the availability of connection throughout the day to minimum expenditure on these services. Virtual phone office phone numbers have become quite popular with the advancement of the technology and digitalization of almost everything. Employees and people in business are using these office numbers to a great extent as there is no need to carry the phone device to attend or make any phone call. Here are listed the two main advantages of using virtual office phone numbers.

Optimization Of Expenses

A virtual number requires significantly less expenditure than a having landline number. For a landline number, there is a requirement of set up, needs regular maintenance as well as some emergency repairs. At the same time, there is no such hassle in the case of virtual office phone numbers. For a virtual office phone number, all you need a subscription with is relatively inexpensive as compared to the expenses required for a landline number.

Connectivity Throughout The Day

Previously while using a landline number, people had to face many issues regarding connectivity. Sometimes, the coverage area also became a hindrance at specific places, and some calls could not connect. But with virtual phones, people face no such problem as the connectivity for these numbers is available 24/7. Moreover, there is no such problem of coverage area, as these numbers operate throughout the internet.


Virtual office phone numbers or VoIP have become the most common mode of communication for businesses due to their numerous advantages. Switching to a virtual number is much more convenient due to its lower charges and 24/7 connectivity.